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Office Update 

We are all feeling the effects of the Covid-19 virus and it has changed our way of life for the foreseeable future. Wings Away Travel & Cruise are taking the proactive approach to self-isolate and protect our team, their families (many with older relations) and you, our valued clients.  

To this end, our office will be unmanned for face to face appointments for the time being. We will reopen when it is deemed safe to do so.

Our business and team are fully capable and will be working remotely. We are ahead of many in this regard and had plans put in place early to facilitate this.

Our phones will be diverted from Friday 27th March onwards. If you have a genuine URGENT query, please call the office and leave a message after the tone. After this date our web-based phones will allow us to dial out only, as no receptionist is available for incoming calls.

All queries should be e-mailed to your Travel Designer. As we have already been, the team will continue to action all bookings in date of departure priority.  *Please note, many airlines and suppliers still have not released any policies past the end of March/April*

We are still monitoring current events and changes as they develop. Those with forward bookings will be contacted by their designer when we have confirmation of offer from the supplier.

Our Team greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

The Wings Away Team

**** Following is our most recent update including Q & A. If you have not received this update, please email your designer and let them know so we may check our database is up-to-date with your current e-mail address*****

A big thank you to those who wrote such nice comments after our last update. You have no idea what they mean to us right now. THANK YOU

It has been a task getting people home over the last few days. Lots of long hours spent ensuring we have been getting our clients home safely.

But then this is our job. We are here to support and guide you in such times as these. And we are happy to do so, we count you as our family.

The call volume to the office has been immense. We are working our way through volumes of information, reschedules, cancellations etc. We won't sugar coat it, keeping up with ever-changing goalposts is hard, and getting the right answers takes time.

As soon as we get an answer from one person, then the ‘official notice' arrives saying something completely different. It's frustrating, but again that's what we do; making sense of it all to secure you the best outcome.

A few Q & A's

So how can you help?
We are working our way through the most urgent bookings and in order of date of departure. Yesterday's travel ban has made some bookings a little more urgent.

I'm not sure of the status of my trip. What should I do?
We ask that if you are unsure of the status of your flight, tour or holiday in general, please e-mail your designer with your query. We will then prioritise this in order of date of departure.

When will you be back to me?
Once we have the most up-to-date information (as it can be), we will then advise you of the current status/offer from the supplier.

If a cancellation or offer is made by the supplier of the services, we will send you an email stating the conditions of this.

We ask that you respond to that by e-mail acknowledging the terms of the offer.

What if one of my options is to cancel?
Again, please return e-mail stating you wish to cancel, and acknowledging the terms associated with the cancellation.

How do I obtain my refund?
Please understand that Wings Away Travel does not have nor hold your funds. During your booking process, funds are passed onto the supplier/provider of your holiday in order to secure those services.

Once the cancellation process has started and we have advised the supplier, it can not be stopped. Once the supplier returns your funds to us, only then can we account and make sure the refund is correct and arrange refund to your bank account.

What if I am being offered to defer my booking?
We understand it's hard to determine what the future holds and what your future intentions will be. Likewise, no one has a crystal ball to see when all of this will be over. Again, we will discuss and advise what we see to be the best option for you at that time.

Well, that's about all the reading for now. If you are still unsure of the current general health and travel alerts, then these can be found here.
Further up-to-date information on COVID19 is available on the Department of Health website https://www.health.gov.au and the latest travel advice is available from https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/news-and-updates/coronavirus-covid-19

Once again from all of us to you, thank you for your understanding, patience, support and kind words during this tough time for ALL of us.

Take care, the future will be bright.

YOUR Wings Away Team.




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